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Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Owner of Your Trainer


Already since 2002 I am working as a self-employed Personal Trainer. It all started in the Chiemgau region in Bavaria / Germany and it is where I now return to after many years in abroad.

I am a certified Personal Trainer and since 2010 a fully qualified BASI® Pilates instructor for mat and equipment. Over the years, and influenced through my work with the Pilates machines, I found my passion in working with clients that suffer from injuries and/or postural problems.Those problems occur in all age groups and fitness levels. Also the pre and postnatal work I feel strong about since the very beginning of my career. I counted professional Rugby players, dancers and lots of pregnant women or new Mums to my client base. But also very normal people that just spent too much time on their desks.

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One hour, one on one
Kshs 5,200

One hour, 2 people sharing
Kshs 3,600 per person or
Kshs 32,400 for 10 sessions

One hour, 3 – 4 people using
Pilates Machines
Kshs 3,100 per person or
Kshs 27,900 for 10sessions


Postpaid (Per Month)

All the sessions you took will be added up at the end of the month
without any discount. Cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled
appointment will be charged at 100%.

Prepaid 10 Session Card - 10 Sessions For 9

Kshs 46,800 (10% discount). Payment must be made by the second
session at the latest. Cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled
appointment will be charged at 100%.

Retainer Programme (Prepaid)

The retainer program is a fixed monthly fee that is based on the amount of sessions the client would like to schedule for the month. The amount of booked sessions per month are guaranteed to the client. Payment has to be made latest at the 2nd session of the month. Cancellations within 5 hours prior to the appointment can not be re-scheduled and will be charged 100%. Cancellations before that can be re-scheduled once within 3 days. Missed sessions during the month will not be carried over to the next month. Retainer programmes offer a 15% discount for
upwards of 4 PT sessions per month.