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I help you develop into the human you want to be!

Do you love exercising? Then welcome to Your Trainer. If you don't love it yet – I'll make you love it. Its fun, its healthy and it’s a wonderful active lifestyle.

Personal Training, semi private or group sessions, or our very special Fitness Weekends at beautiful Kenyan destinations – I offer something for everybody.

Enjoy exercising – with ME!

I work with a multi-level approach to achieve the goal of improving your health, well being and your quality of life.

Smile! It is good for you!

I’ve enjoyed some excellent group Pilates sessions with Karina and can highly recommend her professionalism

Greg M.

Leading by example, Karina’s energy is contagious. Her favorite encouragement : “this is GOOD pain” has crippled us all … from laughter!

Nathalie L.

Having struggled all my life with a top-heavy figure, Karina is the first trainer who’s exercises have given me a waist!!! – in the first month I lost 8 cm around my waist and am still losing. All Karina’s exercises are great fun, and targeted to the individual.

Kristina R.

I have trained with Karina for nearly two years and it has made an extraordinary difference to my life. The personal training sessions with her, in particular the pilates exercises, have really helped my posture and my core strength.

Helle S-H