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I help you develop into the human you want to be!

Do you love exercising? Then welcome to Your Trainer. If you don't love it yet – I'll make you love it. Its fun, its healthy and it’s a wonderful active lifestyle.

Personal Training, semi private or group sessions, or our very special Fitness Weekends at beautiful Kenyan destinations – I offer something for everybody.

Enjoy exercising – with ME!

I work with a multi-level approach to achieve the goal of improving your health, well being and your quality of life.

Smile! It is good for you!

When I went to Karina, I could barely stand up straight, thanks to a spinal condition. I couldn’t exercise. Within a matter of days, Karina had me feeling better. Within a few months, she had me pain-free, with a strengthening core, and exercising regularly. Without exaggeration, I owe my physical health to Karina.


Ciao Karina,

A super thank you for your support on this amazing 28-day Detox program. We feel much better, like a major clean up, it gave us such a great satisfaction been able to do it and to have fun while doing it. We are definitely continuing a more focused health life. We have found the right balance on food and understood that we were just over feeding ourselves.

Best regards


I’ve enjoyed some excellent group Pilates sessions with Karina and can highly recommend her professionalism

Greg M.