You are what you eat:


As a Personal Trainer I see all my clients as individuals and try to tailor their exercises to their needs and wishes. Most want to be fitter, stronger or pain free, but some also approach me to help them lose weight. But despite all their efforts of regular exercise and their already “healthy eating”, the scale does not move, which is frustrating and demotivating. The reason for that is very often a “lazy” metabolism.

There is no “diet for all”. Human beings are individual and so are their metabolisms.

The HEALTHY BALANCE Concept is tailored to 100% to your needs. That is why for me, as a Personal Trainer and nutrition consultant, their nutrition concept ticks all the boxes. A lot of scientific and medical proven nutrition concepts are combined in the Healthy Balance scheme. It is based on the latest scientific knowledge of nutritional medicine. With the measurements of your physics, your blood group, your current fitness level and metabolic test results, as well as a survey on your lifestyle I will be able to present you the foods that are perfect for your body.

The right nutrition will help you regulate your hormonal make up as well as your immune system, your intestines and will balance out your insulin levels. That will have a positive “boosting” effect on your metabolism as well.

Be the best you can possibly be!

Weight loss is just one of the positive side effects. But for those clients with Diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol level it will be a hugely worthwhile improvement of their quality of living.

I will help you get there.