Pre / Postnatal

Pregnant or Just Given Birth?

First of all congratulations! Whether you’re pregnant or trying, it’s a very exciting time in life, and your health is key to feeling fantastic before, during and after pregnancy. Often, pregnant women have lots of questions about health and exercise during their nine month term, such as:

  • Am I allowed to exercise? If yes, which activity should I choose and how often?
  • Is exercise good for me?
  • Is it good for my baby at this time?
  • After birth, when should I begin an exercise program?
  • What type of exercise will give me my figure back the soonest?
  • If there are no medical reasons not to exercise, every pregnant woman can enjoy the positive effects of a measured and individually tailored exercise program.

Karina’s exercise plans during and after pregnancy result in:

  • Targeted strengthening and toning of ‘maternity muscles’ such as the back, pelvis and abdominals.
  • Optimization of oxygen levels for mother and child. This supports the healthy growth of your baby.
  • Active women regain their shape easier and faster when compared to inactive women… and they also handle the new responsibility and stress much better.
  • Rehabilitation of your body after birth for 0 – 6 weeks, and then exercise afterwards.

To find the ideal fitness routine for you, Karina will develop a personalized ‘wellness training concept’ which is based on your needs and wishes. She will also personally guide you in every training session to avoid mistakes and injuries. As long as there are some other pregnant clients, Karina will often put together really fun shared exercise classes of 3 – 4 ladies at a time.

Karina’s personal attention is guaranteed to optimize results and make you feel more comfortable and safe as a pregnant woman and new mother.

Kinesio-Taping during and after pregnancy

Kinesio-Taping can be very helpful during and after pregnancy as well. As the embryo is growing, the extra weight and changes in the alignment can put a strain on all sorts of areas in the female body. The taping can reduce back pain or help with pain in the SI-joint area. As seen in the picture it can replace the tummy belt as well and provide a more active support of the tummy. After pregnancy we use the taping to support the diastasis recti and help closing it.

Please contact Karina directly if you have further questions.