Pilates Retreat in the Austrian Alps


Spending a weekend doing Pilates, moving outdoors, relaxing ... the perfect ME TIME

A special kind of 'me time'

Of we go...

Time for Pilates, outdoor workouts, relaxation & inspiration


When it was time for my annual Fit & Wellness Retreat I was positively excited for weeks in advance. Yes, it is work for me as the trainer, the person that is guiding you through your 'Active Me Time Weekend' , but it is still a very special time for me as well.

Anybody loves some time away from the every day life. With me, your 'time-out' will be active - always balanced and focussed on your health with lots of fun added. I want you to feel energised & relaxed by the time you are leaving again. The place for the Retreat is just an hour drive from Salzburg, near Schladming, in the beautiful Nature & Wellness Hotel Höflehner at 1117m altitude.


A Pilates Retreat in the mountains

As the name says, the whole weekend is about doing Pilates, but not only Pilates. We, that is my dear friend and colleague Caro Rettensteiner and myself, are planning to move you in lots of different ways. There will also be Nordic Walking, Aquaerobics, Life Kinetik (train your brain!!!) and a little bit of HIIT training. All can be done, but nothing has to be done. Feel free to join those sessions you have fun with and your body will benefit from.

Please do not fear we will rush from workout to workout... There will be enough time to enjoy the beautiful hotel Spa. Furthermore, I will also introduce you to the female hormone system (and how to keep them in balance) while the hotel kitchen will spoil us with local, organic & delicious meals.




Why Pilates???

Why we decided on Pilates and not Yoga? Well, first of all both Caro and I are Pilates Instructors (and not Yoga teachers). Second, there are already plenty of Yoga Retreats all over the world. It is very important to us to show you how wonderfully you can supplement any type of exercise with Pilates. I love to tell my clients: "No matter what sport you are doing, make sure you'll do Pilates as well. It makes everything better".


What was Pilates again? 

Pilates is a full body training, which can either be practiced on the mat or on the special Pilates machines. The focus is always on strengthening your core muscles, which are essential for an upright posture. The movements are rather slow and will be executed with control - always in unison with your breathing.

Was ist Pilates?


Have you done it before???

Will it be your first Retreat or have you done it before? Whichever way, both is totally fine. All that matters is that you love to move and want to give yourself a little treat.

I did already mention, that I have done several retreats before. Every single one was special and beautiful and always a little bit different. The locations of my previous retreats was on a different continent though - in Kenya! We were either working out at tropical, jungle like places at the Kenyan Coast or did Pilates in dry river beds in the beautiful Samburu - surrounded by wilderness in one of Kenya's most beautiful Safari lodges. I very much hope I will get the chance to do do them again one day.

This retreat though, set in the stunning Austrian Alps, will be my first, and also Caro's, on home turf. We have chosen the lovely Nature & Wellness Hotel Höflehner near Schladming - about an hour drive from Salzburg. The hotel is on 1117m altitude with a fantastic view in the mountains and the valley. Already when you enter the hotel, you feel relaxed. The public areas as well as the rooms are all done in Chalet Chic style. The 'Yoga house' is up the hill (50m) and has a really special vibes, while the Spa will put you in relaxation mode.




And here all the important details 

When: from 11th to the  13th November 2022

Where: in the Nature & Wellness Hotel Höflehner near Schladming

What: Having fun moving with Pilates, Nordic Walking, Aquaerobic, Life Kinetic, ….

Who: Anybody

Price: €850,- per person in a double room with single occupancy  


You would like to join? Yay! Please let me know. There is only  very limited space.


Caro & I are looking forward to meet you.


Love, Karina

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