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Why men should do Pilates…


Slowly but surely the times are changing and I can happily acknowledge that more and more men are finding their way into the Pilates studio. This are great news, but it would be even better, if more men would give it a go. All too often I get a skeptical look from them when talking about Pilates. The perception is it’s not ‚manly’ enough…


„Isn’t Pilates only for women?“

I hear this often and the answer is a resounding NO! Pilates is just as good for men as it is for women. Try it out before passing judgement. With some luck, this blog might convince you to give it a go. 



Here we go again...

... this time to St. Gilgen.


Sometimes in life one door is closing and another one is opening again. That is life.


I am very happy to announce that there is another Retreat coming your way. Pencil in the date in your calendar right now.

From the 12th to the 13th November 2022!


It is shorter !

It is closer ! (to Salzburg, where most of my clients are located)

And it is more flexible !